Norway’s Energy & Technology Workshop for Off-World Industrialization

May 11. – 12. 2015 Innovation Dock, Stavanger

Publisert 29.04.15


Transformation – Visionary leadership – New business unities

Shackleton Energy Company is leading a new industrialization consortium to address next generation energy production on a global scale, and Norway and Norwegian industry is in a key position to participate.

How can we use our industry building skills to build new growth industries?
How can we take our world leading oil & gas expertise into new energy areas?
How can Norway become a global visionary leader in emerging private space industry?
How can a global industrial project to solve the world’s energy needs be business opportunities for you?

A broad, national workshop across industry and politics to discuss transformation – visionary leadership and new business opportunities. Under the leadership of Shackleton Energy Company, in partnership with Dubai Expo2020. 

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