Ønsker Hellas-avtale velkommen

BUSINESSEUROPE har sendt ut en uttalelse som ønsker enigheten i Hellas-forhandlingene velkommen.

Illustrasjonsfoto: (Mick Baker)rooster/Flickr (CC BY-ND 2.0)

Publisert 13.07.15



BUSINESSEUROPE er den europeiske paraplyorganisasjonen for næringslivs- og arbeidsgiverorganisasjoner. NHO er norsk medlem og én av ti i Executive Bureau, som står bak uttalelsen. 

Uttalelse fra BUSINESSEUROPE, om utfallet fra eurotoppmøtet

  1. The European Business community stands united in welcoming the compromise found unanimously. This is a strong signal that the Euro area is committed to staying together. The European Business community underlines its full confidence and trust in the solidity and strength of the Euro area.
  2. BUSINESSEUROPE urges all parties to adhere to the compromise. We call on all Parliaments involved to provide timely support and pave the way for a successful conclusion of the agreement.
  3. The final success will depend on timely and good faith implementation based on solidarity and responsibility by all sides.
  4. Measures to address the difficult situation of the Greek people and business community will have to be developed rapidly in order to retain social cohesion and stability, in particular to support the functionality of the Greek banking system.
  5. The need to bring Europe back to a path of sustainable, investment-led growth is now more urgent than ever. Europe, and Greece in particular, needs further measures to enhance the business environment and improve our attractiveness as an investment location.
  6. Our aim must now be a strengthened Economic and Monetary Union. We shall therefore work to significantly improve the governance and convergence in the European Monetary Union.