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Smoke in residential area
Harmful air pollution
7. desember 2015

Air pollution is the single largest environmental health risk in Europe. It shortens people’s lifespan and contributes to serious illnesses.

Higher support rates
11. november 2015

The NOx Fund is pleased to announce that our support rates are increased to trigger implementation of more NOx reducing measures.

Fishing vessel
Requirements for SCR measurement of ships
9. september 2015

For SCR systems on ships where the NOx Fund has granted support, the NOx Fund has imposed requirements for independent measurement of NOx emissions every fifth year.

New engine standard NOx emission factors for 2015
8. september 2015

The NOx Fund experiences that not all enterprises are aware of the change in standard factors for engines, and would like to point this out to the enterprises that uses standard values by calculation and reporting of NOx emissions.

Increased support limit for SCR system
24. juni 2015

The maximum support limit for SCR system increases from 60 % to 80 % of the investment costs. Increased support applies for all new applications and for applications that have been granted support, but where support is not yet paid out.

Ship from maritime strategy
Elkem Salten plant
sulphur smoke
Continuation of the Environmental Agreement on NOx
18. februar 2015

A desired continuation of the Environmental Agreement on NOx 2011-2017 is petitioned in a letter from NHO represented by the Executive Director for Industrial Affairs, Petter Haas Brubakk, to the Ministry of Climate and Environment. The letter requests negotiations towards an extended Environmental Agreement on NOx beyond 2017.

Ship with LNG propulsion