The NOx Fund follows up on the utilisation of SCR facilities on ships

Since 2008 and until today the NOx Fund has granted support to implementation of SCR systems on 134 vessels (at least 500 engines).


A prerequisite for the support is that the system is in operation as long as the vessel is sailing in waters subject to NOx tax. The Participant Agreement, which all applicants have signed, specifies that participant enterprises have to ensure that implemented measures that have been granted support from the NOx Fund are kept in operation.  If the SCR system should not be used this would penalise the whole "community" affiliated with the NOx Fund in terms of introducing an uncertainty around the actual achieved emission reductions. In turn, this could induce sanctions from the government affecting all the affiliated enterprises.

With this as a background, the NOx Fund has now carried out a survey investigating the usage of SCR system. The basis of the survey is the SCR system on ships that have been granted support under the First and Second Environmental Agreement, and which are in operation (all 134 ships).

Based on the survey the conclusion is that implemented SCR systems which are not in use is not an extensive issue, although incidents occur. There are 7 ships identified which probably do not use their SCR system. These vessels will be followed up individually by the NOx Fund. The NOx Fund will, in line with The Participant Agreement, assess a coercive fine or withdrawing the Participant Certificate if any of these enterprises do not fulfill their obligations after being reminded of them. Consequentially, these relevant enterprises are in risk of paying the full NOx tax to the government.

In the future, the NOx Fund will implement routines to regularly assess the use of SCR systems, similar to that described above, in order to ensure the continuing operation of SCR systems.