Reduction in NOx emissions

The publication of numbers from Statistics Norway and the Norwegian Environment shows that emissions of nitrogen oxides has decreased by 5% in 2012, continuing the reduction from the year before. If the NOx emissions continues to decline in the same pace, Norway will meet its international obligations this year.

Grønt blad

Publisert 18.02.14


Norway is getting closer to its NOx emissions target.

Statistics Norway states that Norway has emitted 166 000 tonnes NOx in 2012, after an average annual drop of 4 per cent since 2007. Further they state that:

"The establishment of industries' fund for financing efforts to reduce NOx (the NOx Fund) and cleaner motor technology have in particular contributed to these reductions."

Figure showing NOx emissions

According to the Gothenburg protocol , the Norwegian emissions shall not exceed 156 000 tonnes per year by 2010, though with a slightly different delimitation of Norwegian emissions. These emissions totalled 164 000 tonnes in 2012; 5 per cent higher than the Norwegian obligation. If the downward emission trend continues, Norway will meet its obligations this year.

A revision of the emission factor for diesel engines on offshore installations has caused a 2 to 3 per cent drop in total emissions for all years. Emissions from international aviation and navigation add to the figures in Statistics Norway's emission statistics, and are excluded from the obligations pursuant to the Gothenburg Protocol. Rough estimates indicate slightly more than 100 000 tonnes of NO X from these sources in 2012.

Source: Statistics Norway