Elkem invests NOK 145 million to reduce NOx emissions by 425 tonnes NOx

Elkem has decided to invest in a technology upgrade of Oven 3 in the Elkem Salten plant. The NOx Fund has pledged to support this NOx-reducing measure. Estimated NOx reduction following the implementation of the measure is 425 tonnes NOx.

Elkem Salten plant

Photo: Elkem

The project entails an important technological upgrade of our plant that will reduce the NOx emissions per tonne silisium produced, says Plant Manager, Olav Holta.

In a press release Elkem informes that they have decided to rebuild Oven 3 in Elkem Salten in order to reduce NOx emissions further.

Previously, the NOx Fund has supported the rebuild of Oven 2 in Elkem Salten which led to a NOx reduction of 494 tonnes NOx.

"The upgrade entails a rollout of the same NOx-reducing technology as implemented on Oven 2 in 2014 and led to reductions of NOx emissions from the oven by 40%", the press release states.

Planned implementation date for the rebuild is within the end of 2015.

General manager of the NOx Fund, Tommy Johnsen, is very pleased with the decision and adds that "Elkem's emission reductions are significant contributions for the NOx Fund to be able to reach its emission-reduction commitments."