Simplified scheme for operating support to urea

There is no longer necessary to state a ships traffic with urea consumption when applying for operating support to urea.


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              Chemical formula urea

Enterprises must still be able to document the consumption of urea according to the Environmental Agreement on NOx on request from the Fund, but it is no longer necessary to give this information in relation to application for operating support to urea. All relevant invoices for the purchase of urea must still be attached the application for operating support.

New application form
Until the end of 2015 both the new and old application form may be used. However, from 1st January 2016 only the new application form may be submitted.

Requirements for measurement
In the new application form the applicant must answer whether or not the shipping company has conducted independent measurement of the SCR system. The NOx Fund has imposed requirements for independent measurement of NOx emissions every fifth year, as stated in earlier article on the home page. The NOx Fund provides support to such measurements in the same way as when emission factor is set for new systems.

Unchanged procedures for verification
The simplified scheme for operating support to urea does not alter the procedures for verifications of SCR systems in relation to payment of support to the measure. These procedures will still be the same as today, and the specific urea consumption must be reported.