Higher support rates

The NOx Fund is pleased to announce that our support rates are increased to trigger implementation of more NOx reducing measures.


Photo: Øivind Haug

The new support rates may be granted to measures not yet implemented. 

Type of measure Old support rate,
NOK per kg NOx reduced
New support rate,
NOK per kg NOx reduced
All-electric/plug-in hybrid propulsion on ships 300 500
LNG (and LBG - biogas) on board ships and rigs 200 375
Battery hybrid on board ships (not plug-in) 300 375
Energy efficiency measures 200 250
Engine replacement/engine modifications 200 250
Exhaust gas cleaning systems (excluding SCR on ships) 200 250
Measures on land-based industries and power plants (SCR/SNCR, process optimization, el./gas etc.) 200 250
SCR systems on board ships 100 125
Measures where the NOx reduction constitutes a positive side effect, mainly offshore measures* 50 Non
*Such measures may be granted support as energy efficiency measures

In addition, the maximum support limit for engine replacement is increased from 70 % to 80%.

Application guide
Our application guide will soon be updated with the new support rates, remaining terms and conditions are still valid. You may find our application guide and application form on our homepage here.