Requirements for SCR measurement of ships

For SCR systems on ships where the NOx Fund has granted support, the NOx Fund has imposed requirements for independent measurement of NOx emissions every fifth year.

Fishing vessel

The measurement must be conducted by enterprises approved as competent parties, and are financially supported in the same way as other emission measurements of ships.

It is sufficient to measure on one engine for ships with several similar engines, given that other documentation (service report) indicates that the condition on the engine that is measured is representative for the other engines.

The NOx Fund will require that measurement not older than five years can be documented when granting support to operational urea costs.

Support to measurement of ships
The NOx Fund provides support to NOx measurements of ships with up to NOK 60 000 per ship, maximised to 80 % of the total costs, for vessels affiliated to the Fund. The support will be paid once a measurement report can be presented. Please use the separate application form designed for emission measurements.