Important: check affiliation of ships and rigs

A ship/rig is only exempted from the NOx tax from the date of registration in the NOx Fund's portal. Emission from a ship/rig prior to registration in the Fund's portal must be paid to the Norwegian authorities with NOK 21.17 per kg NOx.

Fishing vessel

It is not sufficient that the company is affiliated to the Fund, each single ship/rig must also be registered. The ship/rig is entitled to a tax exemption from the date of registration in the NOx Fund's portal.

Registration before emission
It is the company's responsibility to keep all information updated, included if the company acquires new ships/rigs. Ships and rigs must be registered before they have emissions subject to NOx tax in order to obtain a tax exemption.

In the Fund's web portal an object's registration date will automatically be generated. Any emission from the ship/rig before the date of registration in the portal must be paid to the Norwegian authorities.

Register all objects
All companies are encouraged to register any ships with the possibility to operate in Norwegian waters. These ships can be flagged as "inactive" in the Fund's portal when they are not operating in waters subject to Norwegian NOx tax. Only emission subject to Norwegian NOx tax shall be reported to the Fund. 

Affiliation of planes, helicopters and locomotives
The NOx Fund also recommends to register planes, helicopters and locomotives, as the authorities also controls affiliation for these objects.

Agreement with the Norwegian authorities
The Environmental Agreement, and the tax exemption that follows from the agreement, is negotiated between the business organisations and the Norwegian authorities. It is the Norwegian authorities that are the regulatory body, and who controls that ships and rigs are affiliated to the Fund before they have emission.

If you have any problems with the registration in the portal or if you have any questions, please contact us at, or by phone +47 23 08 82 87.