New payment rates in 2018

The NOx Fund increases payment rates from 1.1.2018. High rate increases from 11 to 12 NOK per kg NOx emission and low rate increases from 4 NOK to 6 NOK per kg NOx emission.


Publisert 20.09.17


The NOx Fund's payment rates have remained unchanged since 2008. The obligations in the new NOx Agreement (2018-2025) makes it necessary to increase the rates to meet our obligations. The NOx Fund continues with two different payment rates for taxable emissions, high and low. High rate applies to oil and gas activities on the Norwegian continental shelf. Low rate applies to all other activities (shipping, fishing, aviation, industry). 

For 2018, high payment rate is set at 12 NOK per kg NOx emission and low payment rate is 6 NOK per kg NOx. The payment rates for 2018 are intended to be kept the same throughout the year.

During the years 2019-2025, affiliated enterprises must expect that the rates increases to 15 and 10 NOK for high and low payment rates, respectively, to ensure fulfillment of the obligations in the NOx Agreement.

For comparison, the fiscal tax rate to the Norwegian state in 2017 is 21.59 NOK per kg NOx. The rate has increased annually from 15 NOK per kg NOx in 2008.

The payment rates are only valid if the EFTS Survaillance authority (ESA) approves the NOx Agreeement 2018-2025.