The following reports have been published with support from the NOx Fund.

Pencil and paper

Methane emission from gas enginesGHG and NOx emissions from gas fuelled engines (Sintef Ocean 2017) 

Batteries in maritime sector

Martime Battery Forum has made a report regarding the life cycle of batteries.Life cycle analysis of batteries in maritime sector (Maritime Battery Forum 2016)

New techniques and user experiences

Marintek has made two reports for the NOx Fund that considers NOx abatement in marine sector. One report is regarding new techniques and their potential, and the other about user experiences with NOx measures in the period 2008-2011.
New techniques and their potential (Marintek 2012)User experiences with NOx measures (Marintek 2012)

The silicon industry

SINTEF has made a report for the NOx Fund regarding NOx reducing measures in the silicon industry.NOx reducing measures in the silicon industry (SINTEF 2012)