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  1. Nyhet, The NOx Fund

    Priority of applications for support

    The NOx Fund has decided to prioritize the support to applications to assure sufficient amount of capital for great measures throughout the term of the agreement.

  2. Nyhet, The NOx Fund

    New payment rates for 2019 and subsequent years

    From 01.01.2019, the NOx Fund increases the payment rates to 14.5 NOK per kg NOx for high rate and 8.5 NOK per kg NOx for low rate. For subsequent years (2020-2025) the payment rates are expected to be 16 and 11 NOK per kg respectively.

  3. Fagartikkel, The NOx Fund

    Useful links

    Below are some useful links with information on the legal framework governing the NOx Tax.

  4. Fagartikkel, The NOx Fund

    Technologies and suppliers

    The NOx Fund have made an introductory overview over different NOx-reducing technologies.

  5. Fagartikkel, The NOx Fund

    Reports and presentations

    The NOx Fund travels around and informs about the incentive scheme, attends conferences and seminars around the country. Here you can download the reports and presentations.

  6. Fagartikkel, The NOx Fund

    Reports and presentations

    Here you will find current reports and presentations published in English after support from the NOx Fund.

  7. Fagartikkel, The NOx Fund


    The Tax Directorate's Excise Tax Round determines what is taxable NOx emissions and how taxable emissions are calculated.

  8. Fagartikkel, The NOx Fund

    Granted support

    Granted support from the NOx Fund under the NOx Agreement 2018-2025. Includes support for NOx-reducing measures, support for measurement, support for service and maintenance of SCR systems on vessels.

  9. Fagartikkel, The NOx Fund

    NOx emission and emission ceiling

    The NOx Agreement 2018-2025 assumes that the business organisations must ensure that the total emissions of NOx over periods of two years does not exceed an emission ceiling.

  10. Fagartikkel, The NOx Fund

    The NOx Agreement

    The NOx Agreement 2018-2025 was signed by fifteen business organisations and the Ministry of the Environment. Through the agreement, the business organisations shall ensure that the total NOx emissions from sources covered by the agreement do not exceed a set emission ceiling.

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