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NHO is the main representative body for Norwegian employers with a current membership of 24,000 companies with 560,000 employees, ranging from small family-owned businesses to multinational companies.

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Published 24.09.13

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Our services include

  • Promoting legislation and industrial policies conducive to a prosperous business climate and ensuring that framework conditions for business and industry are consistent with this goal.
  • Providing services and advising member companies on a wide range of issues, e.g. legal assistance in court cases, legal and practical help in collective bargaining and interpretation of collective agreements, advice on European legislation and policies, public procurement, trade policy, corporate responsibility (CSR) etc. A number of these services are also available from our 15 regional offices, with the additional regional in-depth knowledge theses offices can offer.
  • Representing employers in collective bargaining.
  • Offering networking opportunities, e.g. in national conferences with leading politicians and other decision makers, HR-conferences etc, as well as facilitating contacts in social media (Facebook and Twitter)

In addition to the cross sectoral work performed by the NHO, the sectoral federations offers a variety of services relating to their industry, like for instance:

  • Representing the needs of member companies in specific sectors/branches towards the government to achieve industrial policies and legislation enabling companies to operate profitably within a stable business framework.
  • Representing member companies in sectoral collective bargaining with the trade unions on wages and working conditions.
  • Free legal advice on labor legislation, Health Safety and Environment (HSE), employment contracts, wage determination, human resources strategies.
  • Negotiating standard contracts, framework agreements and standards. Developing best practice and projects to improve quality and performance in member companies.
  • Offering training courses within contracts, health, safety, environment, developing skills and competence etc.
  • Facilitate networks, meetings, conferences and workshops.
  • Access to news and research on trends within the industry and public policy issues.

Cost saving agreements 

In addition to the free advantages that come with membership, the NHO and its sectoral federations offer favorable prices on a variety of co-operation agreements for purchasing from suppliers to the industry in relation to freight, pensions, insurance, telecom, accommodation and energy management.

By taking full advantage of these offers, your enterprise will be able to save considerable costs.

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Membership fee

The membership fee consists of two elements:

  • The NHO membership fee is currently 0.105 % calculated on salaries paid for the previous year. In addition companies with a collective agreement, pays 0.045 % calculated on salaries paid for the previous year to the NHO Conflict Fund – a Fund established to reduce the financial impact in case of strike or conflicts.
  • The sectoral federations have varying membership fees relating among other things to size, structure and service level.

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Berit Boneng Wesenlund

Salgs- og markedskoordinator