NHOs Private Sector Development Program

Development policy entails more than strengthening of public sector. Private sector is crucial for developing a nation and to bring it from poverty to prosperity.

Published 24.09.13

NHO is actively involved in promoting improved business environment, entrepreneurship, and decent work in developing countries through our sister organizations in the South.

We aim to realize the potential for innovation and entrepreneurship in developing countries. NHO therefore takes an active role in promoting emerging markets to Norwegian businesses, participate as an constructive partner in developing new policy , and organize events to create networking opportunities for Norwegian private sector and their colleagues in the south.

NHO cooperates with selected sister organizations in Africa and Asia through NHOs secretariat for private sector development. The secretariat receives funding from Norad and in some cases the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

NHOs secretariat for private sector development
NHOs secretariat for private sector development manage and facilitate our cooperation with selected sister organizations in the south. All sister organizations are employer organizations (EOs) which represent their country in the Internaional Labor Organization (ILO).

In addition the secretariat manages three different regional projects that involve some of the above mentioned organizations. These are Female Future (FKE & FUE), China-Africa (FKE, FUE, CEC) and Regional Asia (APINDO, CEC, VCCI). NHO has also developed a Norwegian Business Centre in Kampala were Norwegian SMEs interested in Uganda can rent office space and receive other assistance.

Employers Organizations
NHOs main priority in our cooperation with sister organizations is to strengthen their role as EOs. Through sharing of our own competence and experience, we assist our cooperating partners in their activities. We also assist in policy development and projects targeting specific topics such as Female Future and development of a pilot for improved Vocational education in Vietnam.

The Norwegian model for tripartism in working life is creating global interest. NHO have shared our experience with this model with our sister organizations, especially focusing on how the model can contribute to harmonious labor relations and trust between the stakeholders in working life.  

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