NHO Brussels

Norway takes part in the Internal Market through the EEA agreement and the EU is our most important trading partner. Norwegian Enterprise has been present in Brussels for more than 40 years.

Published 03.12.13

The Norwegian business sector is part of the European business environment. Approximately 80 per cent of our export goes to the EU. Through the EEA Agreement Norway is part of the European internal market for goods, persons, services and capital. A substantial part of the policies and legislation which influences Norwegian businesses and corporate decision-making comes from Brussels.

Our presence in Brussels makes us better able to influence the decisions made by the EU institutions, and provide the Confederation of Norwegian enterprise (NHO) with invaluable information for their efforts in Norway. We are active participants in BUSINESSEUROPE, the European umbrella organisation for business and employers’ organisations.

The NHO Brussels Office serves the entire NHO Community, i.e. the administrative units centrally and regionally, as well as its affiliated sectoral federations.

Our services:

  • Monitor and report on policy and legislative developments in the EU
  • Provide networks and be a door opener to the Brussels environment
  • Increase the competence on EU-related matters in the NHO
  • Publish an electronic newsletter in Norwegian twice a week
  • Offer advice concerning political, professional, or procedural issues concerning the EU/EEA Agreement
  • Provide office facilities for visitors from the NHO Community