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  1. Nyhet, The NOx Fund

    Maersk Drilling to launch first hybrid, low-emission rig

    Combining hybrid power, data intelligence and cleaning technology, the Maersk Intrepid will push the boundaries for low-emission drilling on conventionally powered offshore rigs.

  2. Nyhet, The NOx Fund

    Changes in support scheme for service and maintenance of SCR systems

    Support for the replacement of catalyst elements and annual service on fishing boats is replaced by one support program which also includes support for replacement of SCR components.

  3. Nyhet, The NOx Fund

    Changes in the NOx Fund's terms and conditions

    The NOx Fund introduces stricter requirements for large applications and end support for marginal NOx reductions.

  4. Nyhet, The NOx Fund

    Revised conditions for support

    The NOx Fund has made some changes in our conditions for support. The changes applies to applications received from 1 January 2019, except support to combined measures that applies from 1 July 2019.

  5. Nyhet, The NOx Fund

    Priority of applications for support

    The NOx Fund has decided to prioritize the support to applications to assure sufficient amount of capital for great measures throughout the term of the agreement.

  6. Nyhet, The NOx Fund

    New payment rates for 2019 and subsequent years

    From 01.01.2019, the NOx Fund increases the payment rates to 14.5 NOK per kg NOx for high rate and 8.5 NOK per kg NOx for low rate. For subsequent years (2020-2025) the payment rates are expected to be 16 and 11 NOK per kg respectively.

  7. Nyhet, The NOx Fund

    CO2 tax on LNG works against the purpose of the NOx Fund

    CO2 tax on LNG used in shipping, introduced in Norway from 1 January 2018, makes LNG more expensive. There is no longer an operational economic benefit to use LNG instead of marine diesel on ships.