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  1. Fagartikkel, The NOx Fund

    Reports and presentations

    Here you will find current reports and presentations published in English after support from the NOx Fund.

  2. Fagartikkel, The NOx Fund


    The Tax Directorate's Excise Tax Round determines what is taxable NOx emissions and how taxable emissions are calculated.

  3. Fagartikkel, The NOx Fund

    Granted support

    The NOx Fund has committed support for over 1,000 applications for support for NOx-reducing measures. The measures have an expected NOx reduction of 44,000 tonnes.

  4. Fagartikkel, The NOx Fund

    The Business Organisations

    Fifteen co-operating business organisations are co-founders of the the Business Sector’s NOx Fund.

  5. Fagartikkel, The NOx Fund

    The NOx Agreement

    The NOx Agreement 2018-2025 was signed on 24 May 2017 by fifteen business organisations and the Ministry of the Environment.

  6. Fagartikkel, The NOx Fund

    Reporting of emission

    All companies that have affiliated to the Participant Agreement have an obligation to pay NOx tax to the NOx Fund. NOx emissions subject to NOx tax shall be reported to the NOx Fund each quarter by the 18th in the following month via the Fund's web portal.

  7. Nyhet, The NOx Fund

    CO2 tax on LNG works against the purpose of the NOx Fund

    CO2 tax on LNG used in shipping, introduced in Norway from 1 January 2018, makes LNG more expensive. There is no longer an operational economic benefit to use LNG instead of marine diesel on ships.

  8. The NOx Fund

    Affiliation to the NOx Fund

    Companies that join the NOx Agreement are entitled to a tax exemption from the tax of 22.27 NOK per kg NOx to the state from the date that the enterprise affiliate to the NOx Agreement.

  9. Nyhet, The NOx Fund

    ESA has approved the NOx Agreement 2018-2025

    The EFTA Surveillance Authority (ESA) has approved a prolongation of the NOx tax exemption scheme in Norway.