Request for Documentation

Forms have been made that companies that have been granted support to NOx-reducing measures have to fill out to report the effect of the measure.

The information will be used both as basis for payment of support from the NOx Fund, and as a basis for the Fund's report to the Government.

Self-declaration form

The company is obligated to verify the implementation of their measure and the measure’s NOx reducing effect (by submitting of self-declaration form) as soon as possible. 

By filling in the form as thoroughly and conscientiously as possible this will help cut back on processing time. In the event that supplementary information must be collected, this may lead to delays, both with regard to delayed payment of support and delays in the reporting to the government.

Form for self-declaration of NOx measure

Support to urea

Please note that application for support to urea shall be done online via our portal. You must be logged on to apply, and the application form is in Norwegian only. If you need any assistance, please contact the NOx Fund.

Application for support to urea - online application via our portal

Payment of support

After DNV GL has quality assured the information, the NOx Fund will send a letter to the company with the data which the allocation of support will be based on, as well as other key information related to the payment of support.

The company will be asked to confirm the information by signing the document which is then to be returned to the NOx Fund. This document is the basis for the payment of support from the NOx Fund.