Support from the NOx Fund

The NOx Fund can grant support to NOx-reducing measures following applications.

A new NOx Agreement for the period 2018-2025 is signed. The EFTA Surveillance Authority (ESA) approved the Agreement 22th of February 2018.

The NOx Fund has prepared an application manual that describes what information the Fund needs in order to process applications. Please contact us if you have any questions. 

Application manual


Application form

To apply for support, please fill out the relevant application form.

Support to NOx-reducing measure

LNG cost specification

Battery cost specification

Support to measurement of emission



Application for support to urea

Please note that application for support to urea shall be done online via our portal. You must be logged on to apply, and the application form is in Norwegian only. If you need any assistance, please contact the NOx Fund.

Application for support to urea - online application via our portal


Application processing

Applications for support will be processed at board meetings in the Business Sector's NOx Fund. Dates for board meetings in 2020 are given below. 

  • February 18th, ordinary processing of applications.
  • April 2th, no ordinary processing of applications.
  • May 6th, ordinary processing of applications.
  • June 22th, no ordinary processing of applications.
  • August 26th, ordinary processing of applications.
  • October 7th, no ordinary processing of applications.
  • November 25th, ordinary processing of applications.

Priority of applications for support

The NOx Fund has decided to prioritize the support to applications to assure sufficient amount of capital for great measures throughout the term of the agreement.

Prioritization of applications can give the following outcome for each application:

  • Funding decision in accordance with support conditions
  • Reduction of support in relation with support conditions
  • If an application is postponed, a new assessment will take place at the next board meeting 
  • An application can be refused even though the measure originally qualifies for support

The practice for priority of applications is to be clarified but some of the important aspects are:

  • Efficient support rate (more advantageous with lower support rates)
  • Protracted duration of the measures (type of measure and presence in taxable area)
  • The amount of the NOx reduction and its duration during the term of the agreement
  • Size of the support together with allocation of adjoining projects / measures

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