The NOx Agreement

The NOx Agreement 2018-2025 was signed by fifteen business organisations and the Ministry of the Environment. Through the Agreement, the business organisations shall ensure that the total NOx emissions from sources covered by the Agreement do not exceed a set emission ceiling.

The NOx Agreement is an extension of the Environmental Agreement on NOx for the period 2008-2010 and 2011-2017. The Environmental Agreement - and the Participant Agreement - constitutes the framework for the efforts of the Business Sector's NOx Fund.

Through the NOx Agreement, the Business Organisations shall facilitate reductions of the nitrogen oxide gases that are harmful to the environment. Undertakings that sign the NOx Agreement will be exempt from paying state NOx tax in return for their commitment to the obligations laid down by the Business Sector’s NOx Fund, whose primary task is to provide funding for NOx-reducing measures.

The NOx Agreement 2018-2025

Emission obligation in the NOx Agreement

The NOx emissions from sources covered by the Agreement must be kept under a total emission ceiling over periods of two years. The Ministry of Climate and Environment has adjusted the emission obligation pursuant to article 2.3. The emission ceiling is:

  • Combined total for 2018 and 2019: 202,510 tonnes NOx
  • Combined total for 2020 and 2021: 192,510 tonnes NOx
  • Combined total for 2022 and 2023: 182,510 tonnes NOx
  • Combined total for 2024 and 2025: 172,510 tonnes NOx

The Environmental Agreement 2011-2017 

The Environmental Agreement  2011-2017 have been met with a total reduction of 16,000 tonnes of NOx. The Agreement has for this period both yearly and two-year goals to fulfil.

  Year Tonnes of NOx
  2011 3 000
  2012 2 000
  2013 and 2014 4 000
  2015 and 2016 4 000
  2017 3 000

The Environmental Agreement 2008-2010

The Environmental Agreement 2008-2010 have been met with a total reduction of 18 000 tonnes NOx.

  Year Tonnes of NOx
  2008                       2 000
  2009   4 000
  2010 12 000*

*7 000 tonnes was implemented in 2011 for agreements made prior to 31.12.2010.

The Gothenburg Protocol

The agreements are important contributions to meet Norway's commitments in the Gothenburg Protocol. In addition, the work ensures improved calculations on NOx emissions.

Approval by ESA

On 22th of February 2018 ESA approved the NOx Agreement 2018-2025. 

ESA's resolution for 2018-2025