Adjustments in support conditions

Nyhet, The NOx Fund


The NOx Fund's Board of Directors has decided to reduce the support rates and the maximum support level.

The adjustments are applicable to all applications considered at the board meeting August 27 and all future applications for consideration, in addition to all postponed applications:

  • Measures that previously qualified for a support rate of NOK 500 / kg are reduced to NOK 400 /kg.
  • Measures that previously qualified for a support rate of NOK 250 / kg are reduced to NOK 200 /kg.
  • Maximum support ratio is reduced from 80% to 70%.

These adjustments are implemented in order to grant multiple measures.

In addition, some other adjustments have been implemented, primarily to avoid supporting measures that would have been implemented without support.

  • LNG propulsion systems are not supported on LNG bunkering vessels
  • For ships with keel laying before 1.1.2021 due to operating area, need to be equipped to meet Tier III emission levels. In this case, Tier III is used as a reference condition. This applies, for example, to new cruise ships planned for operation also in US waters.
  • Older ships, which are being rebuilt for use other than what the unit was originally designed for, are treated as new buildings in terms of support conditions.
  • For large measures (more than NOK 30 million in support) with an obvious short payback period, operational profitability will be assessed in the support measurement.

The application manual is updated in accordance to the adjustments mentioned above.


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