Changes in support scheme for service and maintenance of SCR systems

Nyhet, The NOx Fund


Support for the replacement of catalyst elements and annual service on fishing boats is replaced by one support program which also includes support for replacement of SCR components.

The NOx Fund has established this support program to make it easier to maintain the functionality of the SCR systems and the NOx reduction over time. The companies are obliged to maintain the NOx-reducing effect until 2025 for measures which have received support from the NOx Fund, as stated in the NOx Agreement declaration (section 2d) on which the company has signed.

The program includes support for the following service and maintenance of SCR systems on vessels:

  • Investigations and adjustments of SCR systems performed by external service personnel.
  • Replacement of catalyst elements.
  • Replacement of other components.
  • Supplement of new components.

The following aid is provided:

  • Support is granted at 50% of documented costs, upwards limited to an accumulated amount of NOK 500,000 per vessel for the period 01.01.2016 - 31.12.2020.
  • Support is provided within a total support framework of NOK 25 million for the years 2019 and 2020. The NOx Fund may consider expanding the framework and the time period if demanded.

The following support conditions apply:

  • Support is only given to SCR on ships and fishing boats.
  • Support is provided after accrued costs. It is also possible to apply for support statement in advance if the company wishes to do so.
  • Support for service is given at maximum once per calendar year.
  • Support for replacement of catalyst elements is given after minimum 5 years.
  • Component replacement support is given after minimum 5 years for components that are easily worn out and components which are no longer supported by the supplier.
  • Support for replacement of other components is given after minimum 10 years.
  • In the case of support for new components which are not present in the SCR-system upfront, it must be proved that this will improve the system functionality.

A separate application form is available on the NOx Fund's website (only in Norwegian).

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