Changes in the NOx Fund's terms and conditions

Nyhet, The NOx Fund


The NOx Fund introduces stricter requirements for large applications and end support for marginal NOx reductions.

Projects that qualify for support for more than NOK 100 millions.
Projects that include NOx-reducing measures that qualify for support for more than NOK 100 millions, mainly comes from the offshore industry and land-based industry. To ensure maximum likelihood of completion, the NOx Fund requires the project to have reached a given maturity level before processing the application. To define the maturity level standard project names (DG0-DG4, see below), or other similar definitions may be used. DG1 must be passed before the application is processed in the NOx Fund.

• Pre-DG0: Pre-studies and project preparation
• DG0 decision: Interesting project
• DG0-DG1: Feasibility analyzes
• DG1 decision: Feasible within current decision criteria
• DG1-DG2: Study of the concept
• DG2 decision: Concept selected
• DG2-DG3: Design and preliminary plan
• DG3 decision: Contract awarded
• DG3-DG4: Construction and implementation
• DG4: Start-up operation
• Post-DG4: Operation

The requirements have been introduced due to the cause that the NOx Fund must prioritize between applications. Furthermore, the NOx Fund wishes to prioritize the most mature projects which gives the greatest likelihood of implementation, before the project have reached a decision on implementation.

Ending support for small NOx reductions
The NOx Fund dismantles the exceptional support for energy efficiency measures where the fuel-saving effect is less than 2% and provides less than 1 ton of NOx reduction. This also applies even though the actual reduction can easily be deduced through an account of energy withdrawals (kWh) before and after measures.

The change is implemented because the NOx Fund wants to focus its resources on measures that provide significant emission reductions.

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