New rates of payment from 2020

Nyhet, The NOx Fund


The board of the NOx Fund has decided to increase the high and low payment rates to NOK 16.50 and NOK 10.50 per kilo NOx emission respectively from 1 January 2020.

In comparison, the authorities have proposed in the national budget for 2020 that the fiscal NOx tax will be NOK 22.69 per kilo in 2020.

The NOx Fund has previously signalled that the Fund's payment rates will increase from 2019 to 2020. For the high rate, which applies to oil and gas operations on the shelf, the increase is from NOK 14.50 per kilo to NOK 16.50 per kilo. The low rate, which applies to all other NOx taxable activities (shipping, fishing, industry, aviation and rail), is increased from NOK 8.50 per kilo to NOK 10.50 per kilo.

The increase is justified by the need for increased revenues to finance new NOx measures which can ensure that the emission ceiling in the NOx Agreement are met by 2025.

Further increases in the payment rates after 2020 may occur. This depends on the actual emission trend, and the extent to which measures are implemented and the extent to which they produce the expected impact.

Changes in the payment rates to the NOx Fund are assessed annually. The NOx Fund's payment rates cannot exceed the fiscal tax. 

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