New support rates and conditions for NOx reducing measures


New support rates apply for measures with implementation date after 1.1.2018. Photo Øivind Haug

Measures implemented after 01.01.2018 can receive an investment support rate of either NOK 250 or 500 per kg NOx reduced.

The criterion for maximum financial support is the same as before, 80% of the costs associated to the measure.

The EFTA Surveillance Authority (ESA) must notify the new NOx Agreement 2018-2025 before it enters into force. Until ESA's notification is in place, the NOx Fund may provide support statements on the condition that ESA approves the new NOx Agreement.

 Measures supported by NOK 250 per kg NOx reduced:

  • NOx abatement technology (like SCR and EGR) on mobile sources
  • Energy efficiency measures. Exception for selected energy efficiency measures specified with support rate NOK 500 per kg NOx reduced, see below.
  • Engine modification reducing NOx.
  • Engine replacement is only supported if the new engine is combined with NOx cleaning technology. Support for solely engine replacement is only provided in particular circumstances, i.e. when documented that NOx cleaning technology is not technically possible. In that case, support will then be reduced according to the age of the engine. See also engine replacement with cleaning to Tier III level below under support rate NOK 500 per kg NOx reduced

Measures supported by NOK 500 per kg NOx reduced:

  • Energy conversion (such as LNG, electricity from the grid, hydrogen)
  • Hybrid battery power
  • Variable RPM / DC grid on engine systems
  • SNCR and SCR in land-based industry and fixed installations on the shelf
  • Measures that reduce the NOx factor on gas turbines on the Norwegian continental shelf
  • Optimization of processes in land-based industry
  • Engine replacement in combination with cleaning technologies (e.g. SCR or EGR) that gives Tier III level
  • Energy efficiency measures on ships combined with Tier III measures (e.g. SCR, EGR or LNG)

Conditions for support from 1.1.2018

The following changes to the NOx Fund support principles are introduced:

  • The NOx Fund support measures on emission sources subject to the NOx Agreement 2018-2025. This means taxable NOx emissions and industrial emissions covered by NACE codes in the new NOx Agreement.
  • Measures that are already implemented will not be supported.
  • Support to reduction measures on new emission sources is only given to technologies with NOx reduction beyond the industry standard. Energy efficiency measures on new sources may be supported, but not if the measure is considered as an industry standard. A list of supported technologies will be established.
  • No support is granted for measures where the NOx Fund's support amount accounts for less than 10% of the cost associated to the measure.
  • The NOx Fund do not support measures with only short-term presence in Norway. A certainty about long-term presence must be provided (certainty about presence for 2 years or more must be provided).
  • Publicly funded measures may receive additional funding from the NOx Fund. However, overall support cannot exceed the criteria of the NOx Fund.
  • The NOx Fund do not support infrastructure development.

Other support schemes

The schemes below will continue in 2018 with the same rates and conditions as before, with the exception of maximum support for urea, which is reduced from maximum 90% to 80% of the cost.

  • Operating support for urea.
  • Support for replacement of catalyst elements.
  • Support for emission measurement.
  • Support for battery systems on offshore vessels with SCR systems (temporary support program).

Measures granted support under the NOx Agreements 2011-2017

A measure granted support under the NOx Agreement 2011-2017, which is implemented after 1.1.2018, will be able to receive revised commitments in line with new support rates and new conditions. The NOx Fund will consider revision in each case upon request. 

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