Priority of applications for support

Nyhet, The NOx Fund


The NOx Fund has decided to prioritize the support to applications to assure sufficient amount of capital for great measures throughout the term of the agreement.

In 2018 the NOx Fund has allocated significant support to NOx-reducing measures. Many major and important measures have been supported. This has contributed to a great start for the new NOx agreement. However, we cannot continue with the same scope of allocations and the practice to support all qualified measures. There must be a sustainable balance between support allocations and the fund's income. Furthermore, remaining funding must be distributed over time throughout the term of the agreement. This means that the NOx Fund will start prioritizing between all applications that originally would qualify for support.

The practice for priority of applications will take place with immediate effect. Hence, decisions on granting measures will occur less than before, around two board meetings every six months.

Prioritization of applications can give the following outcome for each application:
•Funding decision in accordance with support conditions
•Reduction of support in relation with support conditions
•If an application is postponed, a new assessment will take place at the next board meeting
•An application can be refused even though the measure originally qualifies for support

The practice for priority of applications is to be clarified but some of the important aspects are:
• Efficient support rate (more advantageous with lower support rates)
• Protracted duration of the measures (type of measure and presence in taxable area)
• The amount of the NOx reduction and its duration during the term of the agreement
• Size of the support together with allocation of adjoining projects / measures


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