Revised conditions for support

Nyhet, The NOx Fund


The NOx Fund has made some changes in our conditions for support. The changes applies to applications received from 1 January 2019, except support to combined measures that applies from 1 July 2019.

Combined measures

The support rate for combined measures (SCR + battery/engine replacement/energy efficiency measures) is reduced from NOK 500 per kg to NOK 250 per kg NOx reduced. The change applies to applications received from 1 July 2019.

IMO Tier III requirement

For measures on ships where keel laying takes place after 1 January 2021, IMO's Tier III requirement is considered as the reference state for emissions, regardless of the operating area within or outside the ECA zone (south of 62° N). Thus, the Tier III requirement applies to the entire Norwegian coast.

Energy efficiency measures for new sources

All exceptions for support for energy efficiency technology on new buildings are removed. Support for energy efficiency measures on new sources is only provided for battery hybridization combined with SCR, LNG or other Tier III technology.

Engine replacement

Support for engine replacement (without SCR) is removed. 

The NOx Fund's application guideline will be updated according to these changes in the new year.

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