Event: Europe as the best place to work and conduct business

Nyhet, NHO Brussel


Welcome to a seminar discussing how to secure long-term growth and employment across the EU to level out differences in social and economic conditions. European businesses are committed to making Europe the best place to work and conduct business. A cohesive and well-functioning internal market is essential for growth. However, the unique conditions and opportunities of each member state should be respected.

When: Wednesday 19 February 2020
Time: 9.30 - 11.30 (registration from 9.00)
Where: European Parliament, room JAN6Q1


The lack of appropriate skills is a large obstacle to growth in the EU/EEA. As workers' tasks change with the emergence of new technologies and most recent demands, so does the need to adapt skills. Reskilling and life-long learning will become crucial aspects. Active participation of the social partners leads to inclusive agreements balancing social and economic considerations. It ensures the continuous support and ownership from both sides of the labour market.

European Semester:

The EU should be a catalyst for national reforms supporting growth and job creation. The European Semester and country-specific recommendations should focus on achieving high levels of employment and on enforcing the existing rules to create a level playing field for growth.


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