About NHO Brussels

The Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO) is in Brussels to influence decisions taken at EU level. We provide colleagues in NHO with information on EU/EEA matters that the organization is working on, and work to safeguard our members' interests in the most important international market for Norwegian business. Director of NHO Brussels is Ingebjørg Harto. Working with her is senior adviser Andreas Engen Willersrud. In addition, the office has a trainee, a student intern and from time to time we host an intern from the NHO-system in Norway.

Why is NHO in Brussels 

NHO Brussels is a service office for the entire NHO family. That is, the NHO's administrative units, both central and regional, as well as the sectoral federations.

Norwegian business and industry is part of European business and industry. Through the EEA Agreement, Norway is part of the EU's internal market for goods, services, capital and labor, and Norwegian companies have access to this market on the same terms as EU companies.

An abundance of the policies and regulations affecting companies' everyday lives are created in Brusselsl. NHO's presence in Brussels means that we can better influence and promote the interests of our members in important processes and regulations that are adopted by the EU institutions. At the same time, our presence in Brussels gives NHO invaluable information for its international work.

An important part of NHO's work in Brussels is based on our membership in BusinessEurope, the European umbrella organization for business and employers' organizations, where the Brussels office actively participates with colleagues from the central administration in a number of committees and working groups. NHO also works closely with its Nordic and other sister organizations in the BusinessEurope community.

Our Services
  • Monitoring and reporting on the development of policies and regulations in the EU / EEA.
  • Network builder and door opener in the Brussels environment.
  • Advice on political, professional or procedural issues related to the EU / EEA.
  • Raising the competence on EU / EEA issues in the NHO-system.
  • Contact point for our member companies in Brussels
  • Guest office for visitors from the NHO family.

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