NHO in BusinessEurope

BusinessEurope is the voice of European business to the EU institutions and party to the social dialogue at European level. NHO actively participates in  BusinessEurope's working groups and committees.

NHO is an active participant in BusinessEurope's policy related work. Our priority areas in BusinessEurope are: environment, energy, trade policy (WTO), public procurement, competition law, the social dialogue, the internal market and the working life area.

Following is an overview of which committees and working groups NHO participates in and who are the representatives of the NHO:

NHO's Participation in BusinessEuropes Governing Bodies

BusinessEurope's Governing Bodies

COUNCIL OF PRESIDENTS: meets twice a year and consists of the presidents of all BusinessEurope national member organizations. This is the supreme governing body in BusinessEurope, and where the organization's priorities and overall strategy are determinesd. 
NHO's Member: Svein Tore Holsether

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: meets twice a year and consists of the CEOs of all BusinessEurope member organizations. The Committee turns the Council of Presidents' overall strategy into concrete activities and tasks for the organization. 
NHO's member: Ole Erik Almlid

EXECUTIVE BUREAU: consists of the CEO or President of 11 member organizations, as well as BusinessEurope President and Secretary General. Members are elected for two years and meet four times a year. The Executive Bureau is the BusinessEurope Working Committee and preparatory body for the Council of Presidents. NHO was a member of the Executive Bureau in 2014-2016.
NHO's member: Ole Erik Almlid

COMMITTEE of PERMANENT DELEGATES: consists of the member federations' local representatives in Brussels whose primary purpose is to act as a link between the BusinessEurope Secretariat and the members. The Committee meets every 14 days and is chaired by BusinessEurope Secretary General.
NHO's member: Anne Margrethe Lund

NHO's participation in BusinessEurope's Committees and Working Groups

Economic and Financial Committee

Economic and financial committe handles monetary policy, fiscal policy, corporate and capital taxation and services. Twice a year, a BusinessEurope Economic Outlook is published that describes the business community's economic assessments for the next six months. 

NHO's member: Bård Ola Tjønneland

International Relations Committee

The BusinessEurope International Relations Committee (IRC) work to improve and promote European business access to markets outside the EU, as well as lay the foundations for successful enlargement of the EU. The committee has 52 members and meets 3 times a year. NHO's member: Torkel Thorsen

Legal Affairs Committee

The Legal Affairs Committee (LAC) is the BusinessEurope Policy Committee on various business law issues. NHO's member: Halvor E. Sigurdsen 

Industrial Affairs Committee

The Industrial Affairs Committee (IACO) is the BusinessEurope Industry Policy Committee. The committee covers several different issues: Environment, Sustainable Development, Energy, Innovation, Research and Technological Development. NHO's member: Per Øyvind Langeland

Social Affairs Committee

Social Affairs Committee (SAC) addresses European work-related issues and the numerous initiatives of the Commission and other EU bodies in this area. The SAC also discusses issues related to social dialogue in the EU and to negotiations between the parties for working life in Euorpe. NHO's Members: Henrik Munthe.


Internal Market Committee

The Internal Market Committee (IMCO) was established in 2005 to address the horizontal issues related to regulations and policy to achieve a well functioning Internal Market. The Committee has so far focused on the work that the Commission has initiated to develop a new overall Internal Market policy. Important elements in this context are measures for better and more effective enforcement of the regulations. 

NHO's member: Camilla Walstad

Entrepeneurship and SME Committee

For several years, NHO has contributed to BusinessEurope's work for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The EU's business policy initiative has focused increasingly on SME issues.  Working for better coordination of policy areas that include simplification, funding opportunities, support schemes and entrepreneurship.

NHO's member: Pedro Holteng and Gjermund Løyning